A decade of journalism and communications work, an MFA, memberships in two long-standing writers’ groups, and a commitment to a collaborative, organizing approach all inform my editing. I’m happy to help your work reach your goal, whether it needs a gut renovation, a final proofread, or anything in between.

Some kind words about my editing…

Dania is a superb editor with great instincts for making sentences more direct, clean, and powerful. Whether a piece of writing is in bad shape or almost there, she makes it better. –Mark Engler, author of How to Rule the World

Dania has that rare ability to work well both independently and on a team. She is always aware of the overall picture, well-organized, a thoughtful supervisor and an insightful facilitator. Dania’s writing is just like her: honest, funny, committed, passionate and a fusion of many different flavors into one. — Nicole Lisa, translator, editor, novelist

Dania is a master at spotting where a manuscript can be cut — she excels at identifying what’s essential and what is not. She’s also particularly good at cleaning up prose while maintaining the author’s voice. She’s got a quick eye for errors and cumbersome constructions, but knows how to impose order without imposing formality on lively writing. –Peter Hogness, editor, Clarion

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